Bad Cats

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For the serious pinball collector and flipper enthusiasts, Bad Cats pinball cabinet decals using original artwork display perfect colors matched to the factory design. Unlike poor quality “next generation” side art which is a cheap reproduction imitation and may lower the value of your precious game, these decals will make your game look brand new again and are faithfully restored.

Made with NxtEVO2 Technology

A proprietary printing technology designed specifically to deliver the best quality of colors and finish on cast vinyl for arcade machine cabinets, giving a high gloss finish!

The thinner self adhesive vinyl’s will allow for minor wood grain texture to display through the graphics, in order to achieve a look more like the original direct screen printed cabinets. Or, fill and sand your cabinet to a smooth surface and these decals will look as smooth as glass.

This level of versatility can not be achieved with any other cabinet side art or flipper product on the market.

Can be applied wet or dry to your Medieval Madness, and always best to use heat from a hot air gun or hair dryer to make the adhesive permanent. Crinkles and creases also magically disappear when heat is used with this product.

“Simply the best choice for hobby restorers all over the world!”

The vinyl is a high strength, industrial grade material intended for long term outdoor use (your pinball will never be outdoors). Originally designed for use on Aircraft, Trucks and wall signage, the resistance to the effects of UV and sunlight is unlike any others on the market. Colors stay strong for years to come, and when used indoors

The strength and quality of this vinyl mean they will not crease or crinkle like many others, and is tear resistant. A product developed directly in Europe by Pinball for pinball owners and fans of Medieval Madness!


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